Three Important Q&As About Our CBD Oil In The UK

The benefits of regular use of CBD oil for humans, animals and pets has been well-documented across the world. While many of these benefits have not been ratified by a large majority of official bodies, it’s become a debating point the world over. Our CBD oil in the UK at Natra Ltd is the perfect product to begin with; allowing you to reap the positives of the completely natural and THC-free product.

What are the benefits of using our CBD oil in the UK?

The list of positives to take away from choosing our CBD oil, gumdrops, e-liquid and edibles is endless. You can find many articles on the internet with information and stories about how CBD oil can benefit you in the short and long term.

Will the CBD oil make me high?

Our CBD oil in the UK is sourced without THC. This aspect of the marijuana plant is what makes you feel high. Therefore, without the THC element you won’t feel high one bit. 

Are there any pesticides or additional ingredients in the CBD oil?

We make sure that all of our products at Natra Ltd are free of harmful substances and more by laboratory testing them. This ensures that no pesticides pass through at any point.

Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

If CBD oil is sourced from industrial-grade hemp without the presence of THC it is perfectly legal. Regarded as food-based products, they can be delivered and sent to your home in the UK without a single concern.

To discover more about our CBD oil in the UK and its uses each day, speak to our team today.