Discover Our New CBD Cannabis Oil Vape

Vaping has become an ideal replacement for those that often smoked before. For those that use a vape, the benefits are clear for all to see. The removal of smoke from your lungs and the replacement of tasty vapour is perfectly suited to a healthier lifestyle. At Natra we want to take that one step further with our newest CBD product – cannabis oil vape juice.

It is not merely a vape juice that will taste pleasant and satisfy your needs, but it will provide you with a dose of CBD. Recognised as a food supplement, the use of CBD is legal in the UK provided it is generated using the methods that we use at Natra. The benefits of CBD and cannabis oil can offer you are clear to see if you glance at online articles.

So, the question remains, why choose our CBD cannabis oil vape?

We wanted to ensure that our latest product in our line was attractive for everyone. From experienced vapers through to those that are just starting out, we wanted a tasty and satisfying product. That’s why we have made our first venture into the vaping world at Natra with a citrus flavoured CBD vape juice.

This incredible product will be available for order in November from our online store. If you would like to discover more about how we make these incredible products, speak with us today.